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 Extras :: An Uglies RPG

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PostSubject: Extras :: An Uglies RPG   Extras :: An Uglies RPG Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 7:25 pm

EXTRAS :: An Uglies RPG

This Uglies RPG takes place in the end of Extras (the last novel in Scott Weasterfeilds Uglies Series). You can choose from canon characters or create your own. This is the most completed Uglies RPG around (trust me, I've checked).

A oil plague swept through our world so many years ago distroying everything in it's path. Only a few people survived, they formed clans and eventually connected with eachother. The only thing they agreed on? The world must not be distroyed again. There were studies that showed that pretty people got into less fights, caused less truble, and were better behaved. The goverments created an operation that made everyone stunningly beautiful when they turned 16. These pretty people were no better than the normal ones. But EVERYONE wanted the operation. Soon the city created another theory. They secretly perpusly gave thses people brain damage during the oporation so they could be more easyly controled. This owrked for a long time. Pretties were stupid, lazy, and only wanted to go to parties. Everyone wanted to be one, this included 15 year old Tally Youndblood. Tally's best friend is made pretty and Tally has no one in Uglyville for her. Then Tally meets Shay and they head to the smoke, an all ugly village who are rebelling agenst the city. From there Tally take down the goverment from within and changes the world. Now weve reached the world we are in; the world of Extras.

People have freedom, and with freedom comes some things that were better untutched.

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Extras :: An Uglies RPG
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