Hogwarts school at the time of James, Lily, Sirius and Remus. The rebellion is about to begin and when it does, on which side will you be?
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 Cullen School for the Gifted

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PostSubject: Cullen School for the Gifted   Cullen School for the Gifted Icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2009 2:44 pm

The year is 2109. In the time since the book (breaking dawn), there has been a war to occur between the muggles and the once thought to be mythical world. The "mythical" world wants to be known and once they started to be found out, the muggles start fight back to keep them suppressed. Bella and Edward, after giving Renesmee a sister, have gone off to help out in the war. After the war was won by our side, they came back to start a school for any magical/mythical being that wants to learn. Renesmee and her sister, Madyson, grow up at the school basically. There is another war going on at the moment, and their parents and the rest of the family have gone of to the war again. In the meantime Renesmee and Madyson are left in charge of the school.

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Cullen School for the Gifted
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