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 Magical Abilities Sign up

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Cassandra Smits
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PostSubject: Magical Abilities Sign up   Magical Abilities Sign up Icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2009 2:15 pm

At BTR we don’t believe in perfect Characters, nor extremely over powerful wizards with every power under the sun. There are no abilities such as Telepathy, telekinesis and all that nonsense. That’s psychic abilities, not magical abilities.

Therefore I have made a list of abilities from the HP series that you may ask for.

Abilities in Yellow, are up for grabs and quite common. Abilities in Orange are quite rare and I might not give you them, it depends on your grade, house, heritage and such. Abilities in Red are extremely rare and only a select few can have them. When writing a history for an Orange or Red ability, keep in mind the more effort you put into it, the more likely it is to be accepted.

! Don’t use these abilities without first approving them!

Learned Abilities -- these abilities can be learnt at any time and do not require any specific blood traits or anything to be learnt.
Nonverbal magic – Ability to use magic without speaking the incantation. (3rd years and up)
Apparation – Ability to disappear and reappear at another place in a matter of seconds. (6th years and up)
Leglimens – Ability to read people’s minds. (7th years and up)
Occlumens – Opposite of Leglimency, the ability to keep people out of your mind. (5th years and up)
Wandless magic – An extremely advanced ability that very few wizards can do. It allows you to do magic without your wand, though it’s not as powerful. (Graduates only)
Flying – Flying in this case means flying without a broomstick or any aid (Everyone)

Special Abilities -- These abilities are based on your blood and ancestry.

Seer – The ability to see into the future. (Everyone)
Parseltongue – Ability to speak to snakes. (Slytherins or ex-Slytherins)
Metamorphmagus – Ability to change appearance at will (Everyone)
Telekenesis - The ability to move objects without touching them. Note this is only used for smaller objects, no moving buildings! (Everyone)

Approved Abilities:
Cassandra Smits- Nonverbal Magic, Apperation, Wandless Magic

((Again, Thank you Potter's Army for this))
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Magical Abilities Sign up
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