Hogwarts school at the time of James, Lily, Sirius and Remus. The rebellion is about to begin and when it does, on which side will you be?
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 Sorting Hat Help

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Cassandra Smits
Deputy Headmistress, Head of Ravenclaw, Professor of Charms
Cassandra Smits

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PostSubject: Sorting Hat Help   Sat May 16, 2009 5:23 pm

If you have createed a charcter application and you have not been sorted this is what you can do to get sorted.

1. Wait
How long has it been since you placed your application? Chances are the Headmistress has not gotten to it yet.

2. Owl the Headmistress (Helen Black)
If it has been a long time since the application try owling the Headmistress. She might have overlooked you by mistake but I am sure she will be able to fix that and get you sorted

But wait! I got sorted but I want to change my house! Can I do that? It might be possable.. Again owl the Headmistress, she might be able to change it. She might have placed you in that house for a reason though. You might have said you wanted to be in Slythirin but you were placed in Ravenclaw (even though Hufflepuff was your second choice). This might be for three reasons.
1. She messed it up and did not intent to place you in that house.
2. There were so many people in Slythirin and Hufflepuff (and so few in Ravenclaw) she placed you there it even it out.
3. She thougt your person was really more of a Ravenclaw and less of a Slythirin so she sorted you where she thought your character would really be.

-Professer Smits

P.S. If you have any more questions please feel free to owl me
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Sorting Hat Help
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