Hogwarts school at the time of James, Lily, Sirius and Remus. The rebellion is about to begin and when it does, on which side will you be?
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 The Vally, Delta, City Trilogy

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Cassandra Smits
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Cassandra Smits

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The Vally, Delta, City Trilogy Empty
PostThe Vally, Delta, City Trilogy

Back Cover: The Vally
The vally is a happy place. People live in peace here. So consequently we also love..

While Alexis Marrow is on her deathbed her lifelong crush proposes (ageist his will) to spare her any pain in the last moments. Then Alexis makes a remarkable recovery, something on one has ever been able to do. Before a wedding (unwanted by some) can come Alexis is dragged to the City (the powerhouse of her little world) so that they can study her remarkable recovery. There she discovers startling truths about herself, her government, and her “perfect” fiancé.

Prologe: The Vally
The glass halls of the Tower loomed over ever person in the City except one. If you had gotten an extreme eye surge you might just be able to make out a lone figure standing in the onion top dome. If you moved closer you would realize that it was a woman, no, a mere girl. Probably not even of age yet. The figure was slim and pixie like but it had a sense of power as it stood over everything. But if you were curious and you happened travel up to the dome with the woman you would see that no matter how skinny this woman got she would still be strong. Because under her pale white skin were clearly wiry muscles, small but clearly stronger that any wrestlers. You might notice that when that very strong special woman moved it be like gliding without any effort. And when that woman heard you, and turned to you in the doorway (because she could clearly hear your every movement) you would see the face of an angel, no a god, because this woman must be the most beautiful woman that ever existed. But then again, if you were alone in the room with this woman you might never make it down alive. Because this incredible woman, this angel god, is one of the 7 most powerful people in the world, and she has never been this way before.

Back Cover: The Delta
I’m not sure what I am anymore. I’m not sure who I am. I just know I’m powerful. So powerful the government feels the need to shut me (and everyone else of my kind) down. Permanently.

Ever since Alexis was sent to the City and she learned a few things about her world and it's interworkings. Now she knows many secrets that the goverment would die to have, but one unatainable thing still stands in her way. What is she?

Back Cover: The City
The burning is insane. Constant. Worse than I could have ever imagined it. I’m under flame as I change. Torture. But then comes the ice. So cold. The ice cools the burning inside. It makes me able to think. Remember who I am. Remember why I am going through this. Not that I had a choice, It’s in my blood. I am becoming the future and nothing can stop it.
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The Vally, Delta, City Trilogy :: Comments

Elora Black
Re: The Vally, Delta, City Trilogy
Post on Sun Sep 06, 2009 8:06 am  Elora Black
COOL! Good Job!

The Vally, Delta, City Trilogy

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